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Paul Emeka Broke,Owes his Lawyers N320 Million

Rev Dr Paul Emeka,a former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria is Financially broke,PUO REPORTS has confirmed from Several sources close to the Nsukka Born Political Pastor who tormented Assemblies Of God Nigeria for three Years.

It was gathered that Paul Emeka is owing his Lawyers a Whooping Fee of N320 Million between 2016 till Date which has forced most of the Lawyers to pull out from defending him on any case in Court.

His Lead Lawyers Chief Mrs A.Z Offiah and S I Ameh defended him at the Supreme Court when he convinced them that the Appeal decided by the Supreme Court on the 24th of February 2017 would be in his Favour,following discovery that he attempted to bribe threee Judges of the Supreme Court.

Other Lawyers like Barr Jude Ajii,R.O Agama, and Barr Shehu Michael had all withdrawn their Legal Services for Rev Paul Emeka after efforts to get their Legal fee from the Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria failed.

Most of his Lawyers had threatened to withdraw all the cases they filed on his behalf in several Courts in the Country.

The threats was however carried out by the Lawyer handling the Case he Instituted against the Inspector General Of Police at the Enugu High Court.

Most of the Districts that had been rendering Monthly accounts to Rev Paul Emeka are now giving hims excuses,saying they are using the Moneies to battle in their own Districts.

Rev Daniel Amugo,the Former Umuahia District Superintendent was reported to have stopped rendering his Monthly accounts to Rev Paul Emeka on grounds that he is using his Money to fight against anyone plotting the chase him out of the Umuahia District House.

Paul Emeka in the meantime is bettling to regain his lost image with the Nigerian Police Force